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FAQs Listed!

Getting Started is too easy!
  1. Enter your “Fullname”  eg: jhon doe
  2. Enter your “Age”  eg:16,17,18..
  3. Enter your “Email”  eg: [email protected]
  4. Enter your “Username”  eg: jhon123
  5. Enter your “Password”  eg: ****** 
    in the Create Account page and you are done. you can create your account from here

Yeah, you can invite your family members up to "2 member" from same network/wifi but all of your family members should have different devices("one account per household"). Your Account can be terminated incase we found multiple accounts from a same device or more than 2 accounts from same network/wifi.

Kindly send us an email at [email protected] to delete your account.

1)Do not use a VPN or proxy when accessing FastRewarder, offer walls may not give credit and we may limit or terminate your account.
2)Avoid using shared IP pools (like university networks, libraries of cofee shops) when possible.
3) Do not use your own referral link to try to sign up for FastRewarder, you will be banned.
4)Do not try to automate or otherwise abuse the FastRewarder service. We have automated checks in place and your account will be terminated.
5) Disable your Ad Blocker - FastRewarder relies on ad revenue to pay our users. You will not be able to claim from the faucet with an ad blocker enabled.
6) Respect the FastRewarder staff, admins & other users. We will not tolerate abuse of our staff or other members.
7) Use valid information when completing offers on the offer walls, otherwise the advertiser has every right to reverse the credit.
8) Use valid information when completing surveys or you may be disqualified.
9) Do not try to use multiple accounts otherwise you will be banned.
10) Do not try to complete same offer multiple times otherwise you will be banned

Note: We have the right to terminate your account without notice if you are found to be abusing the FastRewarder service.

Payment are usually proceed within 24-72 hours but sometimes it may take longer than this due to out of stock / service maintenance.

1) A survey or offer expired before you were able to complete it.
You used a VPN or proxy to access an offer or survey.
2) The advertiser of the offer met their daily or monthly spending budget before you completed the offer.
3) You did not fully complete the offers requirements.
4) You used a virtual credit card instead of a standard credit card.
5) You completed the offer too quickly compared to other users. This looks suspicious to advertisers.
6) The offer or survey may have experienced a technical issue which prevented your credit from being recorded.

No, however, we partnered with many of the biggest offerwall companies to ensure you get the best offers to complete possible. FastRewarder serves as a middleman - the gateway to all the best offers out there for you to earn from.

You can rest assured that all surveys on this app/site are safe to complete. All provided data is reported in aggregate, meaning all data you provide is anonymized. The survey providers also take many measures to ensure that all surveys are secure. Furthermore, we at FastRewarder are also not able to see anything you write on the surveys you complete, so only the people administering the survey can view this info and treat it with the utmost confidence.

No, VPN usage towards completing surveys is strictly prohibited in FastRewarder, as per the Terms of Service. Completing offers on a VPN is highly frowned upon by the survey panel companies and constitutes fraudulent completion of offers. As a result, the risk of chargebacks increases. The usage of VPN software to complete offers will result in the termination of your FastRewarder account

Your survey completions may have been rejected by the survey panel companies as part of their review process. These reviews are conducted every few months, and if the panel company deems that a completion doesn’t meet their data standards, it will be rejected, triggering chargebacks on our end. These chargebacks will happen even if your balance is taken into a negative amount.

No. This will result in a ban from FastRewarder as completing app offers on an emulator constitutes a fraudulent completion of an offer. Consider picking up a cheap burner device to complete offers on!